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Anyone with a dog or cat knows the importance of treats. Not only are they an invaluable training tool, they also play a huge role in forging a bond between you and your pet.


Giving your pet a well-earned treat is a display of affection that they really appreciate.

From rawhide to chicken snacks. Old school traditional snacks or something new?

We are sure you can find what you need in our Happy Bite range!


A various dog  and cat snack range made of first choice meat which perfectly fits in your dog’s everyday balanced diet.

Our Boucherie range offers snacks going from 100% natural meat training bites to slaughter snacks coming from European healthy livestock.

Boucherie snacks are natural, tasty and healthy, all packed in resealable bags for freshness!

Only the best for your pet!

LOGO_SALZBURGER_Tekengebied 1.png

Delicious salami snacks, produced in Austria.


Human foodgrade meat, single or double protein salami’s.

Fit for all dog breeds, suitable for puppies over 6 weeks and older.

Grain, and glutenfree!


A true delicacy for your dog!


Discover our elaborate assortment for pets 


Every product can be customized according to your wishes and volumes.

Besides a large range of fun toys, we offer all kind of accessories for dogs.  Also for cats we source durable cat trees, high quality cat litter, nests and many more.

Discover our bird range of premium quality snacks, cages, perches and toys.

For rodents, we offer a variety of toys, cages, and litter.


The Lysiphar functional snacks and food supplements are enhanced with specific additives to bring benefits for your dog. Lysiphar focuses on 6 different functionalities : immunity, energy, detox, digestion, skin & coat and joints. We are introducing an entire product range, that goes from premium snacks to supplements to add to your dog’s food or drinking water. You can mix and match all our products according to your dog’s specific needs. It is important to note that these products are snacks and food supplements, not medicines.


An extended cat litter range for all cat breeds. We offer a complete base of globally sourced cat litters. We selected only the best quality litters, which guarantee the highest ease of use.


Our products are submit to all necessary quality controls and can be packed completely according to your needs, in your private label brand.


Trusted by retailers, loved by cats

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